1967 to 2017

50 years using computers personally

The last fifty years have seen computers and microelectronics transform our world, revolutionise and multiply human intellectual capacity. Fifty years ago an individual using a computer from their office was unique and yet, that was what I was doing. This year, I celebrate fifty years using computers personally and reflect on how technology has changed and impacted my life. It is an exploration that not only covers the harsh technological facts but covers my personal perceptions and emotions about these changes and their impact on productivity and, more importantly on capability and achievements. As such it may be of use for writers, historians, teachers, journalists and geeks.

These pages cover my use of my personal use of computers for fifty years - the technology, innovation, technology enabled achievements and learning. How I've created and provided digital business simulation to companies around the world from 1967 when I used a computer with 15Kb RAM and offline storage on paper tape to today's computer with 8GB RAM and offline storage on flash drives with 64Mb capacity.



Computer Time-Sharing

Desktop & Laptop Computers

15Kb RAM


6144 Characters Online

1 Tera byte Hard Disc

Paper Tape

64Mb Flash Drive

110 bits/second

17+ Megs/second

10 per hour of use

200 per computer

It is a personal celebration (autobiography 2.0?) that may be of use for writers, historians, teachers, journalists and geeks - those interested in the past and future technological change and those who need and wish to know about how technology has evolved and how it changed the world.

Happily, I tend to keep (hoard) things and so I have documentation going back to 1967, magazines going back to the late 1970s and hardware going back to 1980. I am still cataloguing this and (as appropriate) scanning and photographing to load to this site - some thing that I have to do when I am not working and so the site is in a state of flux.

When exploring this site consider how the world may change in the next fifty years!

The Beginning
On January 21st, 1967 while working for GE's Power Transformer Department in Pittsfield Mass, I was forced shaking with fear into the personal computer age. I had just spent two days trying to correlate final test radio noise with manufacturing data for power transformers.
To do this I was using a state-of-the-art electro-mechanical calculator. (By state-of-the-art calculator, I mean you punched in the numbers and to multiply or divide an electric motor drove gears.) My boss then said, "why not you use the newfangled computer time-sharing terminal?" - it changed my life!

My Work
Since 1967 I have been building business models and since 1970, I have been creating, providing and using digital business simulation-games to help business people make the wise decisions that lead to their personal and company success - for more information about these


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